Where to Get a Ucc-1 Form

The addendum to the financing statement is used for additional information not included in the initial filing of the financing statement of the Uniform Commercial Code. The Uniform Commercial Code`s Public Inquiry System allows the public to search the UCC`s comprehensive database. The database contains the financing declarations and amendments to the financing declaration submitted in accordance with Article 9 and the revised Article 9 of the Unified Commercial Code, as well as notifications of federal tax privileges, as well as notices and certificates relating to such privileges filed in accordance with Article 10-A of the Privilege. Search results are provided as a printable data report and/or visible images of the stored datasets. Commercial Code Uniform Financing Statement An additional part is used Add additional debtor and secured party names if necessary when submitting a financing statement to the Unified Commercial Code. The model used in this e-filing system is similar, but not identical, to the current paper form. Be careful when filling out the electronic template. As of March 21, 2007, an e-mail address is a required field. This change allows us to send an acknowledgment of receipt and a copy of the submitted image. E-filing fee: $20 Payment for e-filing is limited to MasterCard, Visa or American Express cards only. The UCC e-filing acknowledgement screen contains your login information (date, time and deposit number) as well as the card confirmation code. This is the confirmation that a bid has been processed. You must print this screen for your folders.

The UCC Financing Statement Additional Party Form (UCC1AP) can be used in multiples to add additional names of debtors or secured parties as needed. This form must be submitted as an annex to the UCC Financing Declaration Form (CDU1). The UCC Financing Declaration Form (UCC1) is filed by a creditor to indicate that they have or may have an interest in a debtor`s personal property (a person who owes a debt to the creditor as specified in the debt preparation agreement). This form is filed to „perfect“ a creditor`s security right by publicly announcing that there is a right to own and sell certain assets to repay a particular debt with a certain priority. UCC documents filed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are public documents subject to disclosure under the Uniform Commercial Code. The Department provides copies of UCC documents upon request and payment of the applicable fee. Due to the public nature of UCC documents, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS ON ANY UCC DOCUMENT SUBMITTED TO THIS OFFICE. Attention: Note: Online filing and search available via SOSDirect.

For information or to subscribe, call (512) 475-2703. The modification of the uniform financing state of the Commercial Code is used to terminate, continue and/or transfer the changes made to the financing state. The UCC Financing Statement Addendum Form (UCC1AD) is used to list the names of long debtors or secured parties that do not match the UCC Financing Statement Form (UCC 1) and to add additional warranty statements, real estate registry information and miscellaneous information. This form must be submitted as an appendix to the UCC Funding Declaration Form. Most forms can be filled out on your computer, printed and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for submission. Certain spaces for information not applicable under Section 9 of the New York State Uniform Commercial Code have been filled in as „Not Applicable.“ NOTE: UCC documents filed with the Department of State are public documents subject to disclosure under the Uniform Commercial Code. The Department must also provide copies of UCC documents upon request and by paying the applicable fee. Please do not include Social Security numbers on any UCC documents submitted to this office. To obtain searches and/or copies of Uniform Commercial Code files filed with the Office of the Secretary of State.

An individual may file an information return (UCC5) on a UCC funding statement to which the disclosure statement relates if they believe that a document has been filed inaccurately, illegally or submitted by a person who is not authorized to do so. This submission is not a change, no changes will be made to the file as a result of this type of submission. .

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